NextGen Solar Hawaii is an energy consultant and technology and services integrator firm partnered with established and respected licensed contractors with years, even decades, of experience. It is our mission to enable the people of Hawaii to protect the environment and reduce our dependence on oil while saving money to invest in the things and people that are most dear. Hawaii is a great place to live and raise a family and we want to make sure that it not only stays that way, but becomes an even better place for our children and future generations.


NFL Stadiums Going Green

January 16, 2014

If you've watched an NFL game on TV recently, you probably noticed that some stadiums have what appear to be windmills and PV panels. And you're right. Several NFL stadiums have integrated renewable energy assets to offset the incredible amounts of electricity consumed during game day. One of the most impressive stadiums is Lincoln Financial Field, home of the Philadelphia Eagles. The video below shows a time-lapse of the construction of the solar carports in the parking lot as well as the installation of the windmills and PV panels on the roof of the stadium. Most interesting to us, however, is the use of PV panels on outside vertical walls of the stadium. It may not be the most efficient... Continue Reading →

How to Read your HECO Net Meter

January 10, 2014

Once your PV system is up and running and HECO installs your new net energy meter (aka Net Meter), you will want to learn what all the confusing numbers on the display means and how the net meter works. The net meter accurately keeps track of how much energy HECO delivers to your home, how much energy your home sends to the grid, and what your net energy usage is. HECO put together an informative video that shows you how the net meter works in conjunction with you PV system and how to read it.  Continue Reading →

Bill Gates on Energy Innovation

January 08, 2014

I am a big fan of Bill Gates. And I am not talking about Microsoft. I am talking about Bill Gates the Philanthropist. In recent years he has talked much about vaccines and education reform (or in some places, just plain old education). But he is also a strong advocate for moving the world’s energy model away from fossil fuels to one that is more sustainable, earth-friendly and most of all economically viable. And he is investing his own money to achieve just that. In this TED video, Gates talks about why, and more importantly, how the United States and the world should go about achieving this. For more inspiring and thought provoking talks, visit the TED website. Continue Reading →